The Dedication of the Memorial on November 9, 2014

The dedication took place on the occasion of the commemoration of the November 1938 pogroms.

Manuel Just, mayor of Hirschberg, gave a welcome speech.


First row: ancestors of the Eppsteiner family from Leutershausen and the Buchheimer family from Grosssachsen; Middle: Professor Erhard Schnurr.


Dr. Michael Penk, Chair of the working group, explained the project history.


Rudij Bergmann, filmmaker and author, introduced the work of the artist.

Read his speech.


The artist, Myriam Holme from Mannheim, received high praise for her work.


Professor Erhard Schnurr and Martina Schulz-Hamann recalled the Jewish victims, read their names, and added biographic data.


The musicians: Nicolai Pfisterer, clarinet and saxophone, and Marcus Armani, guitar


The tree-like sculpture on the square next to the former synagogue 


The square was named "Meier-Heller-Platz" in honor of Meier Heller, who was a cantor and teacher in Leutershausen.