The Memorial


The memorial consists of a tree-like sculpture made of brass. The branches can be associated with a menorah. There are 27 branches, each representing a victim. A brass plate placed near the tree will show the victim’s names. The memorial sculpture is placed in a flower bed on the square next to the former synagogue and is owned by the municipality of Hirschberg. The bright tree and the brass plate are eye catching and invite passers-by to have a closer look. Even if the memorial reminds us of a dark side of history, it also stands for growth and new life.


The Artist

Myriam Holme, who designed the memorial, lives in Mannheim, Germany and studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Karlsruhe. She studied with Professors Meuser and Andreas Slominski, and was a master's student of the latter. She has been a visiting professor at the Academies of Fine Arts in Karlsruhe and Munich. Myriam Holme is an expert in the field of metal work.

Here you will find the homepage of the German artist, Myriam Holme.


The Selection of the Memorial

The selection process was performed by a commission consisting of seven representatives of the local council, the "Kulturförderverein Hirschberg" and the working group. Artistic support was provided by Barbara Auer, director of the "Kunstverein Ludwigshafen". After a pre-selection, four artists were invited to submit their designs. The commission also evaluated the submitted proposals and chose Myriam Holme as the winner.

Members of the jury looking at the submitted designs