In the past

Pictures of the Former Synagoge

The Former Synagogue from the north western point of view
The square next to the synagogue was re-designed in 2010.
Interior of the synagogue with a round rose window on the east side
Synagogue interior, looking west
Synagogue interior, looking east
Original window (left) from the time of use as a synagogue
The two rose windows were designed in 2002 by the Scottish glass painter John K. Clark. The west window above the main entrance with its white star of David symbolizes the former use of the building as a synagogue. The opposite east window expresses optimism and indicates the new purpose of the building as a cultural site.
Memorial stone on the west side, attached on Nov. 9, 1988 (the text says: "We remember our Jewish fellow citizens who became victims in the years from 1933 to 1945 during the Nazi reign of terror. Their suffering should be a warning and a reminder of our obligations.")